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Are you an entrepreneur who is starting business in Singapore? or you already have a business which you would like to expand? We can help you!

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Do not let the inadequacy of cash stop you from achieving your goals or dealing with unforeseen emergencies. It’s no news that the greatest opportunities usually come when you least expect, and might sometimes find you broke. Although one might not always need a loan because of an opportunity, loans can also be taken to; offset bills, take care of emergencies or repairs. In short, loans are the best advisable option whenever you fall short of cash in case of an emergency.

Why Cash Direct Pte Ltd is your best choice?

To avoid missing on such great deals, Cash Direct Pte Ltd is here to salvage you from financial strains. Cash Direct Pte Ltd is a credible privately licensed moneylender in Singapore. We are registered with the
Ministry of Law as a Singapore licensed moneylender. Cash Direct is located in Hougang Central / Hougang. With just a few steps during application, you can rest assured that you will be awarded the type of loan you might need. At Cash Direct, the methods of offering loans to individuals are different but quite effective for everyone to get a cash loan in Singapore.

Cash Direct Pte Ltd understands that the situation of needing money can be quite urgent, hence the process has been tailored to be convenient and stress-free for all customers. What is even great about us is that we know the importance of keeping confidential the information you share with us so we can best serve you. This has made us Singapore’s best licensed moneylender.

Cash Direct Pte Ltd has professional and friendly loan officers to help provide financial help to customers. You might be in need of a huge sum of money for reasons such as renovations, business sustainability or just some small sum for unforeseen predicaments or bills. You can visit us today at The Midtown near Hougang MRT (Walking distance from Hougang MRT) for custom-made loan solutions for your every need.

At Cash Direct Pte Ltd, regardless of the type or amount of loan you require, we do not have to evaluate your credit score for you to take a loan with us. We also do not need collaterals, deposits or guarantors from you so you can receive cash loan. Our loans are categorised into business and personal loans.

Loan categories at Cash Direct Pte Ltd.

1. Personal loans
These loans is further subcategorised into; weekly, bi-weekly, payday, monthly loans.
These are the most flexible financial schemes. Each of these subcategories has its own terms and conditions on how the repayment is done with significantly low interest rates that makes it the best personal loan in Singapore.

i. Weekly Loans
Weekly loans are short term cash loans that you take up with Cash Direct Pte Ltd and pay back in a weekly installment basis.

ii. Bi-Weekly Loans
Bi-weekly loans are short term cash loans that you take up and pay back in a fortnightly installment basis.

iii. Payday Loans
Payday Loans are personal loans that you take up and pay back in exactly a month's time (Example; you take a payday loan of $1000 on 17 Feb. 2019. You will pay back in full loan on or before 17 Mar.)

iv. Monthly Loans
Monthly loans are personal loans that allow you to take loans up to 6 times your salary with an affordable and highly flexible repayment scheme of up to 8 instalments. This allows the borrower to pay back their loans in smaller, more affordable amounts, over the course of up to 8 months.

2. Business Loans

Our Business Loan is a loan without security/collateral; giving you access to credit that can be paid back over agreed time along with the interest. The loan can be used for the expansion of an existing business or investing in a new one. Previously, conventional banks would always turn small businesses owners away despite being credit-worthy because of some disorganization, missing or sloppy paperwork.

Business loans are more complicated in terms of payment and documents needed. Taking up a business loan is a lot more different than a regular personal loan, in terms of the documents required and processing time. The loans can take up to 7 working days to process depending on the amount applied for. Business owners in Singapore are eligible to take up a business loan of between 10k- 300k. They are required to fill out a loan application in the loan office; the loan amount and repayment method will be subject to approval.

With the high approval rates at Cash Direct Pte Ltd, once your loan is approved, the loan office will contact you accordingly and arrange a time for you to personally pick up your cash loan from the office. What you need when applying for a Business Loan at Cash Direct Pte Ltd. The following are the things required for you to have before heading down to our branch for processing.

i. Your company’s BizFile
ii. Latest 6 months of your company’s bank statements
iii. Copies of the identity cards of all directors and shareholders (front and back).
iv. Latest 2 years of financial report
v. All directors and shareholders’ Notice of Assessment
vi. All directors and shareholders’ CBS report (can be bought from
v. Latest month’s staff CPF contribution statement (if any)
v. Tenancy agreement

Additional Info:

Loan process; when taking a loan, bring along all relevant documents. Fill out an application and a loan officer will tend to you and ask a few clearance questions. Let your loan officer know how much you would like to loan, he/she will cross check with your salary to see if you are eligible to take up a loan, your maximum loan amount and your repayment scheme (weekly, bi-weekly, etc.). If all is agreeable, your loan officer will print out a contract for you to sign. You will receive your full loan in cash after contract signing.

Interest rate; our interest rates are 4% per month (48% per annum). Interests are calculated and included in your contract and should have been explained to you about by your loan officer.

Duration; The entire loan process from Application to receiving your cash loan usually takes less than 20

Cash Direct Pte. Ltd.

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